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I make a lot of music that I don't share online and that I don't make available for download then make private online once I have a new version or I realize I don't want to share it. But that's not fair for people who may actually need it! I made the art but sometimes it's not FOR me. <#

Sometimes all the merch gets sold on the road. It's always a limited run because I'm more into making the music and sharing my mind online than I am making the physical merch. So as a thank you for keeping me on my grind, I want to offer you all my albums prior to 2015 when you sign up, a discount and first dibs on the merch (I promise to post it online before I bring it out to shows) as well as other quirky things I need quality control beta testing to show a smaller group of people just to prove I'm doing things without showing the whole world. In this community, you also have the ability to get tickets to every 185668232 show and I do approximately 3/month and tour 2x/year... so if you're into traveling and seeing lots of niche culture... ;)

Merch may include shirts, tapes, vinyl, pins, posters, VHS, DVD-R's, CD-R's, hats, gear, posters and other weird stuff I might make that I can't imagine yet. <#

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    Each download of all the previous albums from the past 10 years when you first sign up + first dibs/discounts on all the limited run high quality DIY merch + a voucher for all 185668232 shows for 12 months (this makes more sense if you're part of the caravan or live in the area).
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Ithaca, New York
~ is one brOKen number number demonstrating <# of omniversal condition via 'poeticalogic,' sub-syncopated field-recordings, free-improvisation, instruments/non-instruments, processed live by sample-machine-work-stations, software, effect processors, megaphone, DiY inventions, crowd participation + zZz to deliver timeless abstract-avant-activist-audio-alchemy, breaching ∞ genre/astral planes. ||:♭

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