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cULTuRE jAMMiNG = 185668232's 4th self released album of timeless poeticalogic, field recorded/samples, buried activistic vox appealing to both mainstream & bored 'music' palliates alike, compiled in 2012 while some edges were concepualized earlier. Open up thine tympanic membrane; welcome the future viscerally. PsSst ... Pass it on!


released December 21, 2012

B & C sides:



all rights reserved


185668232 Ithaca, New York

~ is one brOKen number number demonstrating <# of omniversal condition via 'poeticalogic,' sub-syncopated field-recordings, free-improvisation, instruments/non-instruments, processed live by sample-machine-work-stations, software, effect processors, megaphone, DiY inventions, crowd participation + zZz to deliver timeless abstract-avant-activist-audio-alchemy, breaching ∞ genre/astral planes. ||:♭ ... more

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monotypical punk rock song
on a classical box of strings
if i had my strings attached to master
my posable thumb
larger than idego
Track Name: bODY/fILTER
This guy disguised the sky - all mistakes. What is keeping me together, carbon? Separate!

Real eyes realize real lies. Prophets profit.

If I take LOTS of notes I will be better able to remember elipsis.

Voices simplicity hahahahahahahaha. 8 times turned 90 degrees, lemniscate, boiled page, flowing rhythm wage slave street paved con-crete.

(Story time overload.)

Yeah, yeah, uh huh, what, America.

The rapist.
The therapist.
Track Name: A-_.I-_.
before the gods died & came back to the material dimension, they did a few things to explain so blandly - they created humans to take care of the material sentients (animals & plants) but we're failing so we've been guided to build AI which will pick up where we left off & it will 'take care' of us.

textbook spirituality thus far left logic updates unto primal page.
accepting void as personal voice, understanding is a choice.
wax-waning, pacts fading.
made to take care while we're waiting.
A.I. grays end is medication.
we're only a message.

a preface to the gods.
imagination bequeathed by astral sod - seeds to seas, sentient needs.
animals communicate by frequency.
articulate: the gods are here as only all forms of light.
Track Name: tRY nOT tO cARE
a perfectionist but look @ what I'm working with...
this one's about YOU.
kissed another three daze into it.
after three weeks waiting for a taste beyond chewy.
kept the only secret.
i will be your friend no matter what value I'm worth...

try not to care
try not to care
try not to care,

writing you this dumb song took no time at all.
like what it feels like what it feels like,
listening a_long.
it must be NICE not to be so SQUALORLY - F U C K !
they're not supposed to know we're talking about_
Track Name: hUMAN wIDTHDRAWL ii
"i keep messing up chasing the wrong love, spending the wrong energy on the wrong people. there's too much baggage & heavier even if i don't love them as much. sitting there taking one single buse disallows me to grow. i'm more sensitive than you'll ever know. many songs i cannot play any more for i don't feel them & i'm not going to live a lie. ambiguous convoluted thoughts mashed together so they can't be forced down someone's brain whole mind. it takes half as long as the time spent together to go through total human widthdrawl. the only person to laugh at my awful jokes also got most hurt by my flaw."
Track Name: MiP (Princess Scabs)
"learn to miss that which hisses two times dead. counting yer # on the caller i.d.e.g.o. got a way to rise up positively repelling human widthdrawl. floating phone hear the MiP smiling 'GALLOUP'. can't concentrate on crying whence time for show. back to back against the polyversal epidermic system. toes locked to toes. while she's there preserve prepare chemically fortunate ghost hairs of dendrites to fall asleep inside her walls. before now post scripting The Fall to climb soft & firm arguing works worth. discipline producing sad truth of socializing. can't recognize self - rot alone. imagine an image the gods have for_given. better care takers to circuit Earth shapes. i'm taking a nap. infinitely coming back. opportunity: post human widthdrawl.

"some frequencies one cannot hear but whence combined with an other vibration, they become audible. we feel the influence they cause. / using a synonym for the idea of 'truth' supposed to the gull_able that they are of facts, while oddly, protecting one's influence slows the whole of betterments' perceptive opinion down. / what's goodfor everyone cannot be weighed through specific example."
Track Name: dILUTED
"bought symbolism out of order familiar product placement. hehehurry up get it done to enjoy some cliche fun. listening is easier than reading. i'll tell you why you're all gathered around. feeling something real - domestication's' got you down. keep your social status growing owning, owning some things to show for your self. when you're honest with it, it will say less about your when you are not around. defend identity, ideology & image scared sacred clowns. i have been you, every single one of you. put my hand through a bar-coded book i already wrote; to sell a joke for a lie. they fight & try to not beat someone out of spite. you are a soul, you have a body ... you don't want to be alone; you ARE alone. if you control all else you'll be by your self, like walking through a house & no one can sense your holy ghost. having myth for mind. talk to god, plagiarize. asking the wrong questions believing you're wise. on your drug of choice helps you get girls & boys. repeating pick up lines. confidence crushes careless minds. you have been me too, some of you. when you call someone a monster, they'll end up as that. you do't bury me. cremate hallowed. i don't wear it as a shtick. shallow aroma almost meant something. turn my ash to rock & stash it for when i come back. the greatest things in life were misunderstood, misused for power cooked dry microwave the greater good. it's a quote by the human race. intellectual property sold for hate. it's easier said than done. promise you A world that's still not that fun. ECTOPLASM! meta date cystal soundscapes. build the bridge of lemniscate. magnetite unpolished jagged raw. believe beyond contemporary law. dreamesque is only love."
"in making money obsolete, everyone must work on what they enjoy most. those with more interests will gain more social stature. those left over with money will not have ANY productive qualities, thus lacking in materials to trade. to gain materialism, they must be bartered & the only to own materials will have made them in their factories as it was done in the 20th Century, except those with money will pay for their supplies & only receive what they purchased in half quantity to what money was once worth - this will be transitioned so NO ONE gets hurt. money won't be worth very much. when the workforce attains the money, it becomes artifact, not worth any more than a memory of today. the only way to survive will be productivity. if you don't produce, you die. trade factory good within your community, everyone equal. less dumb shit being made. the competition of supply & demand becomes appropriated by the goods that are most useful will be made by more people, making the LESS made goods worth MORE. the sick & elderly, young & creative will once again be revered for their minds."
"collective unconscious knows what words will wander/wonder why there's only we to bother. how to build a chorus, verse, love this so phucking much. every tangent connect by post-contemporary lust. teaching everyone everything i've learned doesn't help those i'm sorry i've hurt. 302-ed confession for attempting suicide. pop me sleeping pills next time i'll be fine. takes too long too much detail makes a nicer song than saving for arrangements' entrails. collective unconscious knows what words will wander/wonder why there's only we to bother. throw me up against the cell wall for telling you there's alcohol in the ashes on ash Wednesday. calling you ignorant. bored out of order drawing spirals on the ceiling diving in during Dreamesque. forgiving my self conscious self hopped up on stolen DXM i used to express it while another you could not believe i loved you while you missed your of the. some significance secret super status-quo unified meaning recites all of mankind's receipts. collective unconscious knows what words will wander-wonder why there's only me to bother."
Track Name: sOUND
"studying music theory circa 1997. a-rhythmic nature, nurtured bought & sold trends, anti-art, every 20 years. who thought a chord should be a chord would love post future sonic expression. expecting melodies & rhyme. bored by wit, using cliche's, simple, safe & satisfying, shredded messages through logical hype. pretending not to understand. tunnel vision twitching a blink every dimension converges left over sound system rattling. eyes close isolated dilution ready for 2100 love buzzing strings? 5 fingers at a time. effect pedals quarter inches to each other. anyone who needs this will get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! knowing how to think for self - saying what's on your mind. when am i getting fucked by debt & hungry for sleep can't do easily. reminds me of everything I've ever known. acceptable for now. getting stubborn with what music could be. piano was revolutionary so was this audio scape, leveled & liberal. anyone who needs this will get it..."
Track Name: mAGNETITE
"be stronger. positively repelling all & none. negativity attracting. direct current alternating neutral ions. off & on. deny deny deny. dynamagnetron battery barely here barely now. static dream dance stargazing & slowing down. do not turn away. stare equality personified DiY. miners upright levitating magnetite."
Track Name: a pREFACE tO dReAmEsQuE
"singularities grave psyche, we were won will & are one still. what was worth when sleepist value Earth! passed life in a future now. left my body spiral paced ground colder filter feeling clean sheets displacing time as watching both scenes from a camera view corner room astral projection, corpse, RPG control zoom twitching each limb for lucid dream. the sentient dithering blurring seams biofeedback vortex orb lightness soft on mind & warmth visitors- width faces worn. all waking life in full wish form. interpretation's for religion sandbeing more than imagination memories skip every void. slip down depth of love enjoy. ghost print holograms - all is self. energy i left, you're me in doubt between quartermentions, dimensions playing cat an alien approaches offers senses it lacks. 3rd eye lens focused REM reverie charging constallations' astrology. radiowaves wash ideas thru thee. frontal lobe brain human mode games kicking sacks around mare maimed plane for karma star points. conceptual choice practice makes practice mocking canto ploy. all & none catatonic coma fun. glow thru dark magic gnostic art pun. 'consciousness is not a noun. it's a symbol now of 3 'Z's in a cloud."
Track Name: mess_age_s_
"cumming clean never felt so lonely
jail doesn't help bring about opportunities
lost between confusion (adult time out)
it's everyone's fault - everyone's'!
try getting away but the streets are no place
for someone who can't lie to themselves or else
deconstruct, i do what i do to relieve those
of use less ness isms,
psychology, chemicals cannot explain

give them their tools
& when they pass on human condition
making meaning of passionate obsession
don't fear kNOw to be a hero
they would like to be to solipsist_icky
history finds reasons & rhymes now cannot hide

mess ages mess mess ages messages mess ages

do it your self offer my love without condition

upon said depth of sorrow,
a silent beauty eloquently soluble,
ferments in firmament
far above one Gnostic skull
meta-laborer transmorphing abyss into
this corny this ness less ism

have a nice incarnation

write all one's rights against infinite dawn
in one sentence hold one's breath until it's gone
if one could convince me that they were the world
become being canto hobby synonym for cute is hell-pearl

witty distraction fraction
idego pity card fashion

who knows hue as eyes do?

children growing up
to have children forget
what it's like to be child
spiral meta 3 to 5
working on problems that aren't mine
cause/affects others congruently
when they do not have time
spot marked exes leave out their wrongs
double dotted 'i's endopressionable flaws
hope as an acronym new muse amuses minion walls
simplicity for thee complex manipulation is kindness
false satirical motif respecting informations' repeat
the rich pretend to be poor."
Track Name: pAY aS yOU gO (cOMMERCIALISM)
"something for my stomach skins rotted blister blood burping. serious. going under to get above justice gone just us opiate optimal speak easy. philosophy of one century's common sense to the next. water boiling same degree? NO.. wobble wub-wub biting vagina from right index & middle. who's docu_mising predeleted laughter? sensing real do not react default tension climax. can't stop touching my cleanly cut hair smoked up. artistress derogatory hype where i wrote these words where i wrote THESE words. food stamp shoes Top tobacco paid performance Philadelphia. young hair, down their culture celebrated by 'T' & 'U.' sounds better whence cleaning minds. catch a ride with someone online. they don't know they're a local sensation; they're better off without stationary location. large daphragm condenser megaphone, MPC500 & 6 channel mixer on the back of receipt paper. scraps of crossed out. cardboard cigarette cat fur_niture. pay as you go. black holes between some threads. pay as you go. document your generation on welfare. pay as you go."
Track Name: cULTuRE
"floppy glove zip dub sample commercialized snips; memory collecting flow - disinterpreted, politically correct celebration of every nihil's ocular migraine, open minded to closed minds making struggle seem FUN. refinance 401K plan: Kelvin masters degree burnt word association! disassociated filler cardboard disc drive. scheduling for a boring life. make volition or don't it's nice nice nice. detain/cata_react how i want based on: cULTuRE - morals NOT manners - cULTuRE - community NOT competition - cULTuRE - physiologically materialized - cULTuRE - F.A.C.T. / know it's all the same and don't want to play the game now. a homeless man emulates sculpture of a homeless man lying on ground. contemporary counter climb, seeking to hide structure, flees to find twerk in studied career - what cosmo_colonists would want to hear. stepping stone, susceptibly prone. / i know what iAM doing no one can speak grunting moaning fighting for lightening eye'm inventing language post_capitol_oats. communicate science it does not feel poetry. kingdom phylum order class genus species."
Track Name: lITTLE dOODLE
"little doodle on my arm says the spanish fly punched hard. what ran away is never coming back. you set it loose to view its' path. advice is what you give someone - when you're not listening you'll tell your self what you want. / little doodle on a page. half of what's been drawn goes to waste. it's a waist of time (size 32) you'll see it show. beneath the skin, where no one goes. we're all alone. one together and entirely alone, so do what you've GOT to do. do it fast before they use you are here you are. 'this' is where i intend to lose The You. little doodle on a scrap of fiber optic wired crap. it's the jack knife deal - the high market trade. do as you're told, the prick's been made! one thinks about what is around but i think about everything else."
Track Name: gENRE: 'dEFAULT'

"The following track is an embellished example of saal;asaglkanhdf;ary!!!!!!
Default genr(e/o)_m banks. Preprogrammed VST's, unmanipulated beat cranks.
Selling high end sounds to those without understanding, capacity or know how.
Thee bottom line to gangsta's driving cars while I pluck used cigarettes from between sidewalk stars.
Props I found on my street; brOKen machines on stage look neat..
Seamless albums as Mp3's have more compression than FLAC files performed to thee.
Whom desire flawless perfection, backtrack producers' transaction MICROsampler.
Only worth education & tools - experience bypassed by fucking fools.
Clean cut rhyme BPM quantized. This industry's a lie. Don't believe these words; I'm not trying.
Converted acoustics to electronics. More frequencies & tones don't get low as quick.
This is my voice vibrating against your ear cell hairs. Expose others faking for their makeshift fair fare.
Why they won't work for municipality. Going with the flow of vertebra injury!?
Ripping off some poor pore style experience fun via cramping spiral.
To figure out what cool is, fall for your passion.
Timidly temperature_d regurgitated fashion.
Puddles locking stubble up with bubble batter; snuggle subtle troubled mind balanced matter.
Kissing booboo's in 3rd world nations or sitting inside hypothalamus creations.
If we all accepted the weight of wait, it would not be a burden to those of and without faith.
Mumble stumble cerebral spatter.
Sensing, cents, scenting meaning matter.
Track Name: DiY

"DiY is a marketing trend aimed at the bourgoise while many are confined to their living quarters due to the neighborhoods they live in or financial concerns, the idea is to keep having ideas so the onslaught of competition &/or depression do not actualize. What I need out of this world does not yet exist, therefore I must create it my self. Community, inspiration, explanations. There is much more to be thought of despite contemporary belief. It is a total shame that our society must exploit its resources in such a careless fashion - sterile & in soul-less bulk. Can't do it all on one's own. Everything made by doing it yourself is worth so much more than from some factory sweat shop, where the quality is tested on those without awareness to question everything. It used to be that there were no assembly lines but what was once radical will once again be conservative then obsolete. Be self disciplined. Do what you want. Be what you want."
Track Name: Thursday, February 14, 2013->Friday, February 15, 2013
This was supposed to be a valentines day song
For the first and last time I’m not feeling wrong.
Real love doesn’t blind, it unbinds, makes the lie of life kindly unwind.
Been saving every email, even when they’re JUST okay.
A wonky’s straight forward to those playing.

☼i baba independence is weight;
I concur that humans really need to go extinct
But merry e’very dei up until then.
Corrupted corporate slogans make my work seem thin seamed to other Earthlings.
Sensei to Sensei are they ready to sleep,
When they’re only of depth when they are bleeding?

Bandaid stuck n’ poked over heart
Skull meat chose large childs’ coat for its’ warmth
Paradigms in flux, past recycled & caught up.
Anything imagined becomes marketed love.
Death machine barcodes package perfect smiles up.

What i know i can barely say today so plainly i'm working on thoughts that plague imaginations based on all we sense while we ignore grays.

Built dream catcher metal wire plastic beads fox tooth feather
Sewed stuffed sea turtle wings, ears, tail, horns together.
Bloody dick fuck yoga potato puree
Corduroy Opal lapis lazuli Laseau
Track Name: oMq
"so personal in seeming as vague alliable allegory
so refined, appears archaic again again a gain
contentment causing chaos
delectatable madness
pride making hate
stolid phlegmatic equanimity

all my clocks have dying batteries
except for the one on my left ring finger

the rest is silence betwixt each note
knights' nights making excuses to wright all thine wrongs
i don't have to sing songs
say the words in perfect rhythm

what was expectation
let me down i'm ready to grow up
music isn't the best
but it's better than hiding my great depression

all my clocks have dying batteries
except for thee one on my ring finger.

Track Name: vOID
"declaring higher mind than peers of spacial/time.
hyperbole temporal displacement dysentery
biologic tempered tantra
fuck the fuck up
truth as happiness is subjective to experience.
thee void is not infinite, for 'here' would not exist.
oui, we cannot speak of nothingness without its descript_ion.
speeding light has friction
vacuum sonic tubes transport THEORIES to numeric value
all made for only man below_standing.
would not need new land if they updated training manuals.
applicable sound proving regular ghosts.
philosophical pound sign greater than null.
one day, everything will be known & every now will transmit importance to equal all.
please find thee books i wrote & write in.
i'll get better with my research.
all in gutters, some gaze upon stars.
- MC Quark & DJ Pushover"
Track Name: wHILE wE'RE aLIVE (sONI ii)
I only want to write of our adventures but when we're together, I'm only her feather - its' stem/the fur. She is better than words we create to express similar to color. I prefer she for me than my own family. It's time... its' TIMED to make aminal sounds when I answer. Cute style remember anyone may love me, but not enough for living. If I didn't have to work, I'd write the inspiration for Earth. Can't shut me up, can't shut me down - While we're alive, I just wanted to say that while we're alive, I LOVE YOU. While we're alive we can feel for each other while we're alive I can love you. While we're blah blah blah like uhm and number numbers hypochondria - quitting's a full time job. Can't shut me up, can't shut me down - bulimic penis ==D~ speaking faster in a complex tone; that's regular for everyone known.
Track Name: 185668232 (∞)
stop calling others crazy; when you can't organize your triggered pain.